Engarium (with the local meaning of the place where imaginations are formed) is an independent and non-governmental center for those that are looking to enjoy science and education in a more fun and entertaining way. The location is inside the campus of the largest university in east of the country and in the middle of the second major city of Iran.

Engarium was first designed by a science based company named Engareh Physics Toos Cooperative (engarehphysics.ir) that technically is the first company in Iran that provides planetarium solutions. The building has a special design that holds a large sundial gnomon at the entry and at the middle it carries a 10m diameter dome screen as the main theater.

This planetarium was opened at autumn 2018 and had a total visitors of 19000 people since then. The planetarium has a 65 seat dome theater and has a 300 square-meter gallery that holds a small science fair. This gallery is also used as a workplace for students so they could build some of their ideas with the help of our experts.

This center is one of its first kinds in the region and is trying to open the dialog of science museums and the need for promoting science in the society. The board has the background of such activities as the Astronomy Society of Mashhad (toossky.ir) since 2002.

Our Vision:

Leading the promotion of science movement in east of the country and becoming an advance planetarium and science museum in Mashhad with 80k annual visitors.

Our Mission:

Providing a template for science museums and planetariums in Iran matching the latest developments in the world for promoting science in the society as a culture especially among the youth.






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