For a long time, astronomy has attracted the attention of scientists in the world and has a special place in the history of science of Iran and Islam. While the sky is half of nature, it is a forgotten nature. Under the pretext of restoring the pleasure of watching the starry sky for the audience, a doorway has been established for the public to enter the wonderful world of science. Engarium (with the local meaning of the place where imaginations are formed) is the name of this doorway. Every year, thousands of people visit this center to learn about the latest achievements of basic sciences and engineering

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Technical Group

The technical group of Engareh constitutes experienced and skilled experts from two categories of software and hardware. Presence of these individuals has led to the easy formation of any new idea and technology.

Education Group

Holding various rounds of education of science and astronomy by using different well-known educational methods in the world, the education group of Engareh is regarded as a significant supporter of educational counseling, scientific planning, and production of proper contents for the audience of the planetarium since 2009.

Project Team:

  • M. Hadi Tabatabaee, Project Manager (haditaba \[at]
  • M. Reza Arashiyan, Head of Technology Technicians, Head of Software Developer Team (m.r.arashiyan[at]
  • Elahe Arashiyan, Head of Content And Education Department (e.arashiyan[at]
  • Dr. Iman Ahadi Akhlaghi, international relations (i_a_akhlaghi[at]